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Welcome to Precision Moulds & Components 

Precision Moulds & Components is a pioneer in design & manufacturing of Injection moulds. The company is specialized in product design, development and manufacturing of all types of Injection Moulds. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Moulds in Agri, Plumbing, Engineering, Electrical, Automobile, Industrial & House-hold categories in different polymers like PVC, CPVC, PP-R, ABS, PE-X, PP, HDPE etc. Our team of experienced engineers with the latest software capabilities are delivering best Products to the customers. We maintain highly efficient system & procedures backed by skilled manpower to craft out high precision moulds. Our Quality testing methodology is one of the best in the industry & certified by ISO 14001:2015. We ensure timely delivery and an uncompromising attitude to quality.
We offer a one-stop shop for your tooling needs. 

Precision Mould & Components has Injection Moulding Machine Plant Also. Our Injection Moulding Production continue run according to customers production schedule .

Injection Mould

Our Process! At Precision Moulds & Components, we keep quality at the forefront, from prototype & validation through development. With the help of advanced technology and innovative systems, we design, test, and manufacture high-quality metal injection moulds. We provide Die Simulation, 3D CAD Modeling, and Die Design services. During the tool manufacturing process, our experienced and highly skilled tradesmen assemble, productionize and validate both the tooling and the customer product. Our cross-functional team uses the very latest computerized scanning and inspection technologies to ensure precision and durability.

Why We Are Different ..

Tools are designed and developed in house for regular as well as new product development work with strict adherence to quality.

Logical Engineering

Improving the quality and reliability of a given product before it goes into production or the market. Decreased failure is similar to increased customer satisfaction, ensuring that product life is as advertised..

Project Management

Particular and systematic engagement in project management allows Precision Mould Components to stay at a most effective place in the market. Our project management services ease down the Development of the product at each process stage.

Mould Project Management

Quality and integrity

We are working in industry on International standards with special attention to injection mould making process control and manufacture accuracy, In the past year, we had 98% successful rate of the Plastic injection moulds manufactured.

Punctual Delivery

Precision Mould & Components performs for on time delivery of each stage of the development process.Time bound and punctual delivery of moulds helps the client to achieve the targets well in time.

                                                                         Tooling with Skill and Accuracy
Our Project Engineers can also identify ways to cut-down program lead-times, while also avoiding program pitfalls through early problem detection for which we then work quickly to solve. The result: benchmark improvements for your product quality and process efficiency through total and proactive support for plastic molding engineering.
Plastic Injection Mold Engineering at Precision Mould & Components is a vitally integrated part of our operation. Our engineering support provides design responsible advantages for mold design and plastic part design at whatever service level is needed. We can provide targeted assistance to support your total turnkey project

Our Clients

Precision Mould & Components values client satisfaction & their trust as the basic need to grow. Having understood the significance of client relationship we strive to provide exceptional service using superior technology. Our quality work & capability to design customised products accurately has helped us grow substantially. Our esteemed client list includes.

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ISO Certificate - 14001 :2015 
ISO Certificate - 9001 :2015 
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